About the journal

Dear authors and readers!


The journal is published 4 times a year in English with a full Russian translation of Russian-language articles.

Based on the fact that the existing system of scientific publications of the list of Higher Attestation Committee (HAC), where the main results of basic research should be published, due to  small format (7-10 pages), can not accept for publication the work volume of the abstract where the nature and the results of many years of research are holistically reflected, we make an attempt to bridge the gap of available Russian-speaking / English-speaking scientific publications on pharmacology and clinical pharmacology in the form of large-format papers (up to 30 pages). Our publication will prioritize for publication articles based on an autoabstract with a brief discussion of the results and prospects of further development of research in this direction.

The second priority, conditioned by the possibility of the use of electronic network computer technologies, is the mandatory use of hyperlinks to major electronic databases (eLIBRARY, PubMed, Scopus, etc.), As well as hyperlinks to full-text articles (Full text), which will undoubtedly facilitate the work on the material and will enable authors in the most convenient form to draw attention to the publication that came out of the laboratory, scientific school, etc.

Finally, the English version of the large-format article that comprehensively describes the subject of the research or several researches, in a much more convenient way will allow English-speaking readers to familiarize with the direction and results of your research. At the same time, Russian translation will facilitate the perception of the material by Russian-speaking audience.

In this edition it is supposed to publish articles on the promising "pharmacological targets", a highly efficient molecular screening with the use of modern methods of proteomics, cellular technologies and others as well as the results of experimental studies in modeling abnormalities in laboratory animals and clinical studies in the field of pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoepidemiology, personalized therapy, multicenter studies and evidence-based medicine. 

At the same time, the editorial staff will accept with pleasure original articles of usual format (up to 10 pages) that have never been published and successfully passed review by our staff.

Editorial board has developed a step by step plan to enable our scientific peer-reviewed journal in the SCOPUS database, a list of publications recommended by HAC, etc. We believe that large-scale high-quality articles will allow the periodical to generate a decent impact factor.

Thepublished articles are assigned with a digital object identifierin the journal - DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which is available in the majority of articles from foreign publications. DOI is a standard notation in the global information network about the object. DOI ID assignment is the basis for correct accounting of references and citations, enabling sustainable access to scientific data, validation and use of research results.

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). This is among other things involves placing electronic version (including archival editions) on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library www.elibrary.ru in full-text format.

         The leading experts in the field of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology review articles. For ease of design of articles and entering of hyperlinks we offer you a detailed instruction for authors. Naturally, the adequacy of the perception of the material by English-speaking readers will be determined by the quality of translation that falls squarely on the shoulders of the authors of articles.

We wish the authors and readers luck in the implementation of the project of reviewed network scientific journal «Research Results in Pharmacology», implemented with the support of NRU "BSU" and the All-Russian Scientific Society of Pharmacology.


Editorial staff.