DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2016-2-2-107-112


In this article research the influence of natural montmorillonite containing sorbent used as a mineral supplement in animal feed in an amount of 30 g per 1 kg of sorbent feed on commercial quality table eggs at his dacha hens-layers. Found that feeding hens’ mineral feed additive reduces the toxic chemical elements in a chicken egg. It was found that the weight of the eggs in the experimental group compared to the control group, was significantly increased by 3,5% (p <0,05) after the completion of feeding the mineral sorbent. Despite the fact that in the control group, egg weight did not change and remained virtually unchanged. There is a bright pigmentation and reduction of "marbling" of the egg shell in the experimental birds. Set reduction "marbling" of 4.9 % and a decrease in light-colored eggs by 48.3 %. It has been established that chicken’s experimental group had a higher feed consumption and conversion (1.4 kg) as compared to control birds (1.3 kg). The best feed conversion per unit of egg products was observed in the experimental birds due to increased productivity. Proved that the marketability of the eggs is in direct proportion to the consumption of laying hens’ natural montmorillonite containing sorbent. Found that despite the great variety of indicators that characterize the quality of table eggs, the main thing is the maximum permissible levels of pollutants in them. Concluded that when administered in feed for laying hens 3 wt. % Montmorillonite clay containing eggs can be obtained with low dietary content of harmful substances entering the body to feed the birds.



Table 1. The changes of biochemical indicators of egg of laying hens at startup in the ration of montmorillonite containing sorbent


Figure 1. Concentration of carotenoids in eggs of experimental hens.

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