DOI: 10.18413/2500-235X -2016-2-3-107-114


The article focuses on the current approach to understanding pharmaceutical products’ effect. It describes a paradigm shift in views on pharmaceutical action in correlation to the processes occurring under pathology. The paper discusses the role of regulatory processes in the development of a disease and a recovery. It points out the necessity of disease registration in order to early start a therapy. The author has also analyzed problems of modern pharmacology paying attention at the inability of monitoring the drug products effect during the treatment process and limited awareness of primary pharmaceutical interrelations with biological substrate. It covers the issues of therapeutical efficiency depending on body oxygen saturation. Special attention is paid to the water medium of a body directly related to the development of pharmaceutical effects. The article emphasizes the challenges of pharmaceutical effect depending on a dosage, structural-functional heterogeneity of tissues, consecution of pathological development, choice of its diagnostics etc. It outlines the most important ways of increasing the pharmaceutical efficiency based on the understanding of quantum-wave processes of the primary pharmacological effect.
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