А. 3D macroscopic structure of mGluR3 with allosteric agonist of mGlu2/3 receptors – LY354740 B. 3D molecular structure of the active mGluR3 site with the LY354740 ligand (green-colored molecule).

  Part of: Severina HI, Georgiyants VA, Kovalenko SM, Avdeeva NV, Yarcev AI, Prohoda SN (2020) Molecular docking studies of N-substituted 4-methoxy-6-oxo-1-aryl-pyridazine-3-carboxamide derivatives as potential modulators of glutamate receptors. Research Results in Pharmacology 6(1): 69-82. https://doi.org/10.3897/rrpharmacology.6.52026