Proportion of the proposed options in the structure of respondents’ answers to the question about typical mistakes in the initial AMT for mild CAP in adult patients under 60–65 without risk factors and concomitant pathologies. Note: AMT – antimicrobial therapy, CAP – community-acquired pneumonia.

  Part of: Bontsevich RA, Adonina AV, Gavrilova AA, Vovk YR, Maximov ML, Nevzorova VA, Martynenko IM, Prozorova GG, Bochanova EN, Kompaniets OG, Barysheva VO, Ketova GG, Tsygankova OV (2020) Rational antimicrobial chemotherapy: assessment of the level of basic knowledge of general practitioners. Final results of the KANT project. Research Results in Pharmacology 6(3): 41-50.