Article Processing Charges

Core services included in our Article Processing Charges:

  • English proofreader services;
  • Translation of the "Abstract" section into Chinese;
  • Hyperlinks in the bibliography to PubMed, PMC databases;
  • Labeling and visualization of all drug names with a hyperlink to the PubChem database.
  • Semantic labeling and cross-linking of content;
  • Copy-editing, technical editing, typesetting and proofreading services;
  • Publication in 2 digital formats: HTML, PDF.
  • Rapid publication process, normally within 1-2 weeks time after a manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • Semantic Web enhancements to the article text; 
  • Immediate free access to the article on the day of publication;
  • Copyright retained by the authors, articles distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 license;
  • Automated email acknowledgements to editors and reviewers upon publication;
  • Immediate distribution of your publication to scientific databases, indices and search engines (Scopus, eLibrary, EBSCO, DOAJ Content and several others, where relevant).
  • Bibliography search and discovery tool. 

The fees for editorial, publishing and design services shown apply to all manuscripts. Prices for innovative articles and reviews of particular importance for science are set by agreement.

If you decide to continue cooperation with the editors, please pay for publishing services in the amount of:

Article size

Article Processing Charges, RUB

up to 20,000 characters (no spaces)*

30 000 RUB

20,000 to 30,000 characters (no spaces)*

45 000 RUB

more than 30,000 characters (without spaces)*

60 000 RUB

Note: * - the number of characters is taken into account only in the main text of the article - from the "Introduction" section to the "Conclusion" section.


For payment:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Fill in the fields: payment amount, email, full name, phone number and click on the "Перейтик оплате". Заполните поля: «Сумма» = Amount of payment, электронная почта = e-mail, ФИО = Full Name, Телефон = Phone number и нажмите на кнопку «Перейти к оплате» = «Go to the payment».
  3. Fill in the fields according to the card: Номер карты = Сard number, Месяц/Год = Month/Year, CVC/CVV code, электронная почта = email and click the "Оплатить" button = “Pay”
  4. After payment, you will automatically be redirected to the website of the educational and sports complex S. Khorkina NRU "BelSU", which corresponds to the correctness of the payment. This is due to the fact that all online payments received by the National Research University "BelSU" are made through the sports complex of S. Khorkina of the National Research University "BelSU".