Submission Guidelines

Submission Procedure

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Submission of manuscripts to this online edition is possible only through the online submission module. We kindly request authors to consult the Focus and Scope section prior to submission. In order to submit a manuscript to the online edition, authors are required to register with the online edition and/or to login. Once logged in, you will find the online submission system by clicking the "Submit manuscript" button.

The manuscript submission process is separated into the following steps:

  • Step 1: Specifying the manuscript type and completing the submission checklist.
  • Step 2: Uploading the submission file and the additional files: the cover letter, the manuscript WORD file for review (which must not contain indications of authorship) and all other required files (see below for details on how to prepare them).
  • Step 3: Typing in the author(s) names and affiliation, title, abstract, keywords, and other metadata.
  • Step 4: Completing the submission metadata by adding details about any supporting agencies, conflict of interest, comments to the editors.
  • Step 5: Final verification of the submitted files and confirmation.


Organizing Your Submission

Before starting your submission please make sure that your manuscript is formatted in accordance with the Author Guidelines.

Manuscripts submitted to this online edition must be divided into separate files (no larger than 20 MB each) to allow their processing by our software. Before attempting an online submission, please consider preparing the following file types:

  1. Cover letter 

This part is for the handling Subject Editor only and will not be sent to the reviewers. Please check the Author Guidelines section and follow the specific indications that apply for Research Results in Pharmacology. In case it is a mandatory requirement, please structure the cover letter accordingly.

  1. Submission file

Review version of the manuscript: a TEXT (MS WORD) file in either DOC, DOCX, RTF or ODT format, which does NOT contain indications of authorship.. The total file size must be no larger than 80 MB. The system allows two options for the submission file upload:

  • it could contain all figures embedded at their respective places within the manuscript: 
    • Advantage: The review version of the manuscript will be more convenient for reading and understanding by the reviewers and editors.
    • Drawback: Additional effort is needed to place and number the figures within the text.
  • it could contain the article text only, while the figures are added separately in the allowed formats (see below):
    • Advantage: No additional effort is needed for placing and numbering the figures within the text.
    • Drawback: All figures will be placed at the end of the manuscript and the review version will be less convenient for reading and understanding by the reviewers and editors.
  1. Additional files

High-resolution figures must be submitted during the same submission process as the additional files (Step 6) in one of the accepted file formats (see below). These may be compressed in order to reduce bandwidth during upload:

  • Figures (each figure as an individual file in one of the following image file formats: EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, not larger than 20 MB each)
  • Equations (each equation as an individual file in one of the above-mentioned image file formats)

Please note that the maximum file size that may be uploaded through our online submission system is 20 MB.

  1. Supplementary files (appendices)

Large datasets or multimedia files, usually published as appendices in conventional print journals, should be uploaded as supplementary files complete with the associated metadata on the online submission form. Supplementary files should have their own legends. However, no authors' names must be given at this stage in any of the files because reviewers will have access to them. (Note that the system requires you to enter the authors of the files in separate fields. This information is not visible to the reviewers.)

Most file formats are accepted. Text-only appendices must be in DOC, DOCX, RTF, or ODT formats.

Submissions that do not meet these formal requirements will be returned without review.

Should you have any technical problems in submitting a manuscript to this online edition, please contact the Editorial Office at